Pinnacle has a very stronghold in a wide variety of areas that help a business or a professional carve their space on the Internet and make a mark. We believe and stress that choosing the right domain registrar, an efficient and economic web host is vital and imperative to making the most of the website.

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What are the qualities of a good domain registrar?
Ensure your domain registrar is licensed and authorized to sell domains. Those who are not licensed could be potential scammers. Once a domain is registered, it cannot be used by anyone else for the registered period. The domain name has to be renewed after that period.

Every domain registrar offers pricing plans on a monthly and yearly basis. One can benefit from choosing to pay for a longer duration as plans are designed with increasing discounts. Some registrars could have hidden costs in the form of renewal charges after the first year or the initial period.

An SSL certificate has become mandatory nowadays. It ensures its transactions are secure with encoding technology. It helps secure credit card transactions, improve search engine rankings, data transfers, and authentication including logins. The domain registrars offer these certificates for extra charges to the domain pricing.

How should you pick a good host?
A web host is a web server on which your website is hosted. Choosing the right web host is extremely crucial and has to be done right. The more powerful and better managed a web host is, the better results one can expect from one’s website.

Customer service offered by a web host must be top notch. When there is a problem, it has to be addressed promptly and efficiently. It should be available for the majority of the day, if not round the clock. Bad customer support could lead to loss of business or reputation for the business or professional.

A web host that offers regular backups for your website is what you should be looking for. Most websites change their content, design or other aspects. If something goes wrong, then it is safer to have a back up for the website to restore.

What Pinnacle offers - the best domain and hosting plans
Pinnacle offers a highly competitive and comprehensive domain and hosting plans to make the most of your website. With maximum uptime, excellent and prompt customer service, SSL certificates, no hidden costs and extra charges we are proud to proclaim our record of being top notch web host and domain registrar.

We also offer services to create websites, enhance their search engine rankings, advertising your business on search engines and social media.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to host your website, buy your domain name, or try any of the variety of services we offer.

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