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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the best strategy for an online marketing to generate leads and increase brand awareness. It helps to cultivate relationships with your customers to send commercial messages, wishes, request business and build trust, loyalty or brand awareness.Marketing emails can be sent to a customers instantly. 60 percent of the business people considers email marketing strategy is the best to generate leads and revenues

  • Validate emails and remove bounces.
  • Send attention grabbing news
  • Design posters for Newsletters
  • Remove Spams and directly land inbox
A Smart Email Marketing strategy

A Smart Email Marketing strategy generally begins with getting acceptance. One might obtain an E-Mail ID and end up sending loads of mail, but are they serving their need? Are the receivers acknowledging the E-Mail or marking it as spam? Obtaining permission and gaining acceptance are two main steps in the Smart Email Marketing strategy to make sure the reader desires to get the company’s mails. This is usually done by offering some resourceful freebies to the visitors on the website. Building trust is where it all starts and eventually amounts expectations in form of useful follow-up Smart Emails.

Build Campaigns Your Way

Multiple campaigns can be done through Email Marketing ranging from text-only to video content. There are wide mixtures balancing text, images, and videos. The best campaign is the interactive and useful one. With Webboombaa you will know What, When, and How to pitch. Customizable html layouts allow considerable interactivity to the newsletter or promotion campaign.