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90 percent of businesses have some kind of online presence today. Social media pages, ad campaigns, and many other strategies are deployed to drive traffic to their website and help convert to business. Well, it is not as rosy as it looks! Majority of visitors tend to leave your online store or website without buying your product or subscribing to your service.

There could be several reasons why they did not buy your product or subscribe to your service.
Accidental visit – Some people tend to click on an Ad or a search result accidentally. Their behavior can be identified easily as they would leave the website quickly without visiting other pages.

Virtual window shopping A chunk of people browse through the products and services to simply browse through, without any intent of buying a product or subscribing to a service. When they really need a product or service in the future, they have a good chance of revisiting the website.

Not a big or a known name – People rely on and trust familiarity. If they havent heard of you or seen the name of your business around, then it is unlikely that they will buy your product or subscribe to your service on the first visit.

What is retargeting or remarketing?
A potential customer who visited your website, is considered, in marketing terms, a low hanging fruit. They can be converted into a customer easily as they have shown or expressed interest in your product or service. This is where retargeting or remarketing comes into place.

Retargeting works by keeping track of visitors that visit your website and leave without making a conversion on your website. Your retargeting ads are displayed on other websites that they visit. It could be displayed when they are playing a game, or listening to music, using social media websites.

Retargeting treads a thin line. One should make sure that it is a reminder and exposure to your brand instead of an explosive and overwhelming act of attention grabbing. It could ultimately drive away instead of bringing in customers.

Pinnacle can help your business to retarget
Pinnacle has experts and expertise in ad management and campaigns. We have been able to bring in more sales for the businesses that we have worked with. We could do it for your business too. We have systematic processes to analyse your traffic, your website, your ad campaigns and frame a solution for your business.

By retargeting the right audience, with the apt interests we can help you build your brand’s visibility and bring in those low hanging fruits. We, not only help retarget, we also create websites, create and manage social media pages, manage blogs and more. Want to hear from us? Then contact us for a quote!