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How does your customer feel about you? What do they think about your business? Are they satisfied? Do they have any disappointments? Would they like to give you recommendations or suggestions? Opt for reputation management.

So, what is reputation management?
A few years ago, companies or professionals didn’t engage their customers or prospective clients. Clients too formed their opinions based on market trends and hearsay. Passive marketing was enough to influence the market and shape the brand reputation. Nowadays, be it a tweet, or an Instagram update, or a detailed review on Facebook, it is important to handle reviews and other forms of opinions. Another important aspect of managing reputation is to choose whether to react at all.

Many organizations and businesses have taken to being more transparent about their products or services. Employees are given complete freedom to talk about the products and services as this encourages trust among the public. When negative reviews or criticism surfaces, smooth handling impresses the public. Welcoming feedback has become the norm.

Customer Voice - Reaching for the stars
The star rating system is the crispest and point-blank review. Any potential buyer would first skim through the list and look for services and products with ratings of 4-5 stars. Those with 1 and 2 stars are completely ignored.

Pinnacle Marketing’s customer voice helps to drive more star power and boost your business. The tool helps invite existing customers to share their feedback. These happy customers entice new and potential customers. The feedback also serves as an insight to the pinch points and selling points. The tool supports targeted presence building across popular review sites where customers tend to spend their valuable time.

Reputation Management - The tool
Another of Pinnacle’s gem of tools, Reputation Management serves as the one-stop tool for managing the reputation of your business. The tool is capable of compiling reviews or feedback regarding your business from a huge number of sites. With automated sentiment analysis, Reputation Management can put forth positive and negative reviews. It can also point out where the business is being talked about like news, blogs, and other review sites. It also helps you stack up against the competition out there on the various social media avenues.
Do It For Me
As a business owner, you can subscribe to our tools and Do It Yourself. We would be glad to offer you subscriptions to the tools and manage your reputation. Since your time is needed towards the functioning of your business, we can do it on your behalf too. Our team of experts can wield the tools along with our diligent expertise and other aspects of our suite. There are several plans which we offer to help in reputation management and review solicitation.

Feel free to contact us for reputation management and more. We provide holistic internet presence including website creation, website management, improving search engine rankings, advertising on social media and more. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.