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What is Google Ads Marketing?
A well designed and content rich website can help figure prominently on Google. It would require search engine optimization for Google and improve search engine ranking. Commonly referred to as PPC/ SEM, Google Ads can help give that active boost and push to your business by leading more people to visit your website.
  • Everyone wants to be top of the search results, but you have to deserve to be there.
  • We work closely with you to understand your unique businesses challenges & objectives.
  • Creating compelling & valuable content, both onsite & distributing it through a variety of online channels.
  • Identify Efficient Keywords
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Ad copy with high CTR
  • PPC Bid Management
  • Maximum Leads with limited cost
How does Google Ads help?

The top of the first Google search results page is a highly valuable area in the virtual real estate. Apart from the search results, advertisements occupy the prime space. For your business, you can associate keywords and keyword phrases. When a user searches for keywords that relate to your Ad, Google ranks your Ad along with several other Ads that match and display them. This creates more visibility for your Ad and in turn, generates leads for your business. The Ad, when clicked, takes the user to the landing page that is linked with the Ad. You can make the visitor visit your store, install your app (if any), perform some action on your website, or even call your business.

Happy Clients
Happy Clients

Ecommerce SEO

For businesses which sell products online and and improve their product listings in the search results.

Penalty Recovery

Our team of SEO consultants have plenty of experience in link audits & reviewing backlink profiles.

Technical SEO Audit

We are well known within the industry for our technical capabilities due to our industry leading software.

Infographics Content

Our team of creatives, designers & developers work alongside our SEO & content teams to ideate.

Media Promotion

While the search engines are still in their infancy in understanding & using social signals algorithmically.

Onsite SEO

We analyse your website’s structure, internal architecture & other key elements that are weighted.
Google Ads - How does it work?

Once you set up a Google Ads account, you are on your way to creating better visibility. Fix a budget for your Ad campaign. This ensures you are aware of how much you intend to spend on your Ad campaign.

Fix a bid for your Ad. This means you fix the maximum amount that you are willing to pay Google if someone clicks on your Ad or interacts with it. Ads compete with each other based on this bid value and several other factors. Based on the ranking, Google Ads decides the position, if at all the Ad is displayed. You can pay per click. For the Pay per click scheme, you pay Google if someone clicks on your Ad and visits your website.

Pinnacle makes Google Ads work for you

Like with any other marketing strategy, Google Advertising could take significant wasted spend and time to pay off. Patience is essential and the key here. One should set aside a budget and considerable time to learn the nuances of Google Ads, regularly monitor the performance and make some adjustments to obtain better results. You can subscribe to our tool suite and make it work for you. Contact us to know more.

At Pinnacle, our team of advertising experts have been pioneers at mastering the trends and helping businesses make the most of Google Ads. Our suite of tools combined together with brilliant minds can work wonders. Contact us to find out how we can help you get started and manage your Google Ads campaign. We also specialize in advertising on Facebook and other target locations where potential customers frequent.