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A video is worth 1.8 million words – says the McQuivey Forrester study. All of us have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. According to statistics, there is a growing number of users, especially users on mobile devices, who watch videos. Wouldn’t video ads be a splendid idea for your business?

Why video ads?
Increased chances of sales conversions – Giants like Amazon and eBay report that the chance of users ending up buying a product increases when the product description includes a video.

Easy to share – These days, it is easy to share a video than text. People tend to watch more than reading. When they come across interesting and useful ad videos, they share it amongst others. Social media has made it easier to share videos than ever.

Impactful stories – Videos appeal to the visual and aural senses. Powerful, crisp and strong scripts conveying information gets the point across more easily than most other mediums. Video ads are the perfect candidate for product demos, how-to guides and more.

Brownie points with the search engines – Video ads can push rankings up for your website, as they can be shared on different social media, linking to your website, thus attracting more of your target audience.

How should your video ad be?
Keep it short and sweet – Self-explanatory as it is, the video-ad should be informative and precise. It should be crafted to keep the viewer engaged and interested. It should not be too short or long. The ideal time would be 2-5 mins.

Humorous or Jargon filled – Humor when used right can click with the audience. It helps to keep the viewer engaged in the ad. One can convey the intended message wittily too. To show your technical expertise, it is good to use technical terms. But, one should keep in mind that it does not overwhelm the audience. An ideal mix should do the job.

Where can video ads be displayed?
On your website – The first and foremost place that your video-ad should be is on your website. When a (potential) customer visits your website, the video-ad can create a great impression of your website and your business.

On your social media accounts – Your Facebook Page, Instagram account, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, and other avenues should definitely host your video ad. Hot visiting areas like this should be made use of to attract customers.

Pre-roll videos – A boon for video ads, the pre-roll videos drive home the message. These are played before the user chose video plays or content is displayed. It comes with an option for the user to skip to the chosen content after a few seconds. The user has been exposed to your product or business before they choose to skip. Some of the popular platforms where these kinds of ads can be run are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter among others.

Pinnacle creates killer video ads
Your business warrants the best of video ads to make a powerful impact. It is indisputable that video ads can be hard to make without expertise. In pre-roll videos, the first few seconds before which the user can skip should be packed with the message, as stated earlier. Pinnacle understands the nuances of making sharp and crisp video ads that take the message home. In addition to running the business, picking up on video-ad making can be hard. Enlist the help of experts at Pinnacle and make powerful video ads for your business. Contact us for a quote and the services that we offer. We create and manage social media pages, create and manage websites, manage ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. So, what are you waiting for?